Go from relying on referrals to acquiring 5-10 FOR REAL leads every month

You need your business to bring money in...

And you need it FAST,But your attention is spread too thin across the many other MONEY LOSING problems your business is facing.Customer service, employees, market identification, finance, marketing...All of which are taking away from your main focus: MONEY IN.

You've tried working with an agency, only to be left defeated and disappointed.

You are promised results that would be amazing if they hit it, but they don't perform.They simply waste your TIME⌛️ and MONEY💸.They don't care about your business. To them you are just a monthly payment to collect.Taking the stress out of finding your next lead.

Picture having a lead generation system providing you with 5-10 reliable and stable leads every month without fail…

Having a STRUCTURE.A defined strategy.No more switching from strategy to strategy in search of the perfect one.Having a highly efficient and consistent flow of leads filling your calendar each and every month. Freeing up your attention so you can focus on growing your business and closing the deals already on the table...Putting an end to chasing for your next lead.


FRLeads is a performance based generation agency focused on providing FOR REAL and cost effective leads on a pay-per-lead basis to high ticket B2B businesses looking to speak with more prospects each month.

Partner With Us

We understand the complexity and potential chaos all the B2B firms endlessly face. There's always a new problem to tackle, a meeting to attend, and a new task to complete. On top of that, you're also faced with lack of communication between the marketing & sales team.We applaud your continued effort and resilience in overcoming these challenges...But when working with us, you'll be provided with:

No Monthly Retainer

As a performance based agency, we will launch your cold email campaigns and ONLY charge you on a PER-LEAD basis

Find Your Market

We will use our system to send cold emails and help you discover what industries are most interested in your offer.

Tailored Email Campaign

We will send 10,000-30,000 tailored emails for you per month. Consistently filling your pipelines with qualified leads.

Weekly Reports

We will provide weekly reports on our process and results. Ensuring you understand where your leads are coming from.

Our Triple "S" Strategy

Step 1: Strategy

- Begin by completing our Onboarding Form, allowing us to gain insight into your business.
- Conduct a comprehensive audit of your existing lead generation processes.
- Formulate a tailored strategy aimed at optimizing your approach to meet your acquisition objectives.

Step 2: System

- Establish a robust Email Infrastructure capable of delivering emails at scale while avoiding spam filters.
- Iteratively refine messaging and campaigns to develop a scalable system optimized for your specific offer.
- Grant you real-time access to campaign metrics, responses, and other pertinent data.
- Devote daily attention to managing your inbox, ensuring prompt responses and efficient communication.

Step 3: Scale

- Secure booked sales appointments directly onto your calendar.
- Expand successful email campaigns to increase reach and impact.
- Determine the optimal balance of volume and lead-to-call ratio to consistently generate the desired number of calls.
- By following this structured "3S" approach, we aim to apply a good Strategy to your processes, Systematize your operations, and ultimately help you Scale and achieve your acquisition goals.

Now Take a Minute to Think...

There is an alternative to working with us. Staying as you are, and doing nothing.Do you really want to...
- Have the stress of not knowing where your next lead is coming from
- Be prevented from growing all areas of your business
- Keep wasting time on cold leads
- Spend too much money doing it all on your own with outdated tech tools
- Piss of your prospects and ruin your reputation by sending non-personalized messages
Think about the true cost of not having a personalized team of specialist working with you every step of the way.That's sucks right?

What are you waiting for?
Are you ready to acquire 5-10 FOR REAL leads every month and skyrocket your business?